G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Make the Most of Your Summer Transition

Summer Transition

Do something EXCITING

Challenge yourself! Take this opportunity to do something that is fun and different. Try to learn how to surf or go hiking. Do something that you have never done before. While this is a great time to go see a live band or go to a show, do not forget how great an experience the outdoors can be. Veterans Outward Bound offers week-long exciting adventures outdoors to veterans free of charge. You can access the list of programs below.

Make connections

Wherever you go and whatever you do try to make new connections. Meet new people who can be contacts for you in the future, both academically and professionally, but also make sure to make some new friends! College can be a tough place for us to connect with people due to age differences and life experiences, so go out and meet some people to connect with.

Work on transitioning

Transitioning is something that does not necessarily come naturally, but also cannot be forced. Avoid the temptation to stay locked up inside all summer and forgo any social interaction. I have spent a lot of time making excuses to not reconnect with old friends or go out and meet people. Now that classes are over, though, it is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and really work on becoming you again.


As if we don’t hear this from VA doctors enough, right? The truth is, though, that it really can make a huge difference. Exercising not only provides numerous health benefits like weight management, better sleeping habits, and an increased metabolism; but it keeps us busy and gives us something to look forward to (not to mention, an improved appearance). My advice on exercise, though, is to do something different. Try skipping the gym and go for a run outdoors or a bicycle ride. Doing something that stimulates you physically as well as mentally will add a layer of enjoyment to your routine.

Summer vacation is a great opportunity to unwind and relax, but keep in mind all the progress you have made. Instead of simply lounging around (although that is good in small amounts, too) try to be productive and keep moving forward in life. It will lead to a more prepared and refreshed self once classes start again in the fall. Enjoy your summer!