G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Joey Hale, Two Men and a Truck International

two men and a truck
  • Name: Joey Hale
  • Branch: Air Force
  • Years Served: 11
  • Highest Pay Grade: E1-E5, O1-O4
  • MOS: Intelligence Officer
  • Age: 42

Job Description:

Air Force Veteran Joey Hale and his wife, Jennifer, are multi-unit franchisees of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, a local and long-distance moving company that offers comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services. Being franchisees, they are able to own and operate their own businesses but also benefit from the help and support of a franchise system. Having access to resources, tools, and best practices of others has allowed them to grow their business to 7 locations in 3 states.  What began with a few trucks and employees, now employs 100+ people, operates more than 50 trucks, and performs more than 5,000 local and long distance moves each year.

Why did you choose this franchise?

After leaving the Air Force, I was introduced to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® brand through a family member. I began working as a mover and really enjoyed the hard work and satisfaction that it gave my customers when they moved into their new homes. Helping people during a very stressful transition really game me a sense of accomplishment. Every day is different and you get the chance to make an impact on someone new. I later became a driver, manager, and finally a franchisee within the system.

What’s the best part of this franchise?

Being a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisee has allowed me to achieve personal goals, become financially independent, and has given me the flexibility to enjoy life and family. I still wake up everyday and want to go to work and be around the wonderful group of people at our company.

What was the process like getting started?

Adaptability — In the military, everything is planned but there is a saying, “no plan survives the first contact intact”.  This is true of business and especially owning your own business. Having the ability to recognize your weaknesses, make changes, and create opportunities are crucial. Businesses that don’t change die.