G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

How Your Military Traits Will Land You the Job

military traits

Getting an interview seems like the easiest part of a job search until you have to prepare yourself both physically and mentally to come off shining like a star candidate. While this may be the case for anyone who has been looking for a job or embarking on a career change, the job search process is a little different for veterans returning home after serving around the world.

Because of their military training, veterans possess the physical and mental characteristics to set themselves apart from prospective job applicants.

These military traits will help land you the job you want!

Team Player Mentality

There is no “every man for himself” attitude in the military, and each person is ready to take the responsibility of taking care of someone else. A team player is just what an employer needs and wants to get the job done.

Strong Work Ethic

Veterans are committed to getting the job done after working long hours in different environmental conditions and are willing to serve others before considering their own needs, so they quickly develop a strong work ethic. In businesses or organizations that have built their reputation on solid work values, the addition of a veteran to the team will not only be a boost in productivity but also in morale.

At Ease with the Dress Code

Wearing a military uniform is not necessary for a veteran when applying for a job, but don’t think that a nice shirt and a pair of jeans will fit the bill either. A suit for men and skirt or dress slacks for women is necessary to be dressed for job success.

Tenacious Problem-Solvers

Veterans are constantly put to the test and need to figure out quickly how to solve a problem to reach a goal, especially on the battlefield. These characteristics will serve them well as they start their journey on a successful civilian career. Employers will appreciate veterans’ problem-solving skills and tenacity as they apply them to the company’s goals.

Ability to Perform Well Under Pressure

An employer is searching for an employee who can tackle a problem without cracking under the stress. Military service comes with its share of stressful situations that no civilian could ever say has been part of their daily lives. Veterans are equipped to deal with anything that comes their way. They possess strong time management skills and waste no time ensuring the job is done right.

Training, Technology and Education

Employers want employees who can hit the ground running without a lot of time in training and education. When serving in the military, veterans are exposed to technology and education that develops business and management skills that can be beneficial in a civilian environment.


According to the experts at America’s Job Exchange, employers will realize how committed and dedicated a veteran is to getting the job done because of their years providing military service. Veterans should highlight what traits he or she developed during their service that can be matched to the job requirements.


Military service builds and maintains leadership standards that a veteran can utilize in a civilian career. Taking a lead on a new project or working with a team to develop project goals will be an easy task for a veteran, who understands the role and responsibilities of being a leader.