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Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

4 Ways to Kickstart A Career in the Video Game Industry

how to get a job in the video game industry

Last year, consumers spent over $20 billion on the game industry. Can your love of video games help you earn some of those big bucks?

Breaking in may seem impossible if you don’t have the background or education to make the leap, but here’s how you can get a job in the video game industry.  Learn How To Get A Job In The Video Game IndustryREAD AND TAKE ACTION!

#1: Gather intel

 This is the first thing you should do if you want to get a job in the video game industry. You can achieve the highest level on your favorite game, but that doesn’t mean you know enough about the gaming industry to land an interview. From artists and animators to game designers and quality assurance testers, familiarize yourself with the different jobs that are available by following the job boards of your dream companies. Stay up to speed on industry news so you can learn terminology and keep track of trends. Twitter can be a great source of industry news. And check out this free Game Career Guide to get industry tips.

#2: Build relationships

Some of the best advice comes from those who are in the job you want. Find informal mentors by networking through veterans organizations, searching for connections on LinkedIn, and by joining online communities to connect with those working in the game industry. Many people are willing to give valuable advice to veterans, but always ask specific questions that you can’t find online and respect their time. Attend the annual Game Developers Conference to meet people who are passionate about gaming. Referrals are the way the majority of new game industry hires get their foot in the door, so making personal connections is a great way to land a job. Navy veteran Mark A. Diaz, 27, landed his dream job in March 2014 developing video games for id Software, which produced such popular titles as Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake. What Does A Video Game Developer Do.

#3: Generate results

From programmers to artists, an online portfolio will be essential for illustrating your talents to potential employers. Start building your skills today so you can show them off online and generate interest in your work. There are a lot of free resources that you can use to start creating your own games. Link up with other aspiring game developers who you can learn from as you develop work together. Search out local Game Jams where you can gain skills as you plan, design, and create games. Join online communities like One Game A Month. Or simply start drawing or writing content that illustrates your passion for the latest trends in the industry.

#4: Get trained

According to the 2014 Gamasutra Salary Survey, salaried game developers in the U.S. made an average annual salary of $83,060, which means going back to school may be a good investment when trying to land a job. While some people are able to break in without a college degree, most newcomers will find they need formal training.

In 2013, Microsoft Corporation launched the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy, a 16-week course to help service members obtain the certification that is required for technology careers. Check out We Still Serve for more information. Universities like Full Sail University, George Mason University and many other well-known colleges offer campus and online programs that award degrees in the gaming industry. Talk with students who have completed programs in any college you are considering and take a hard look at where graduates find work after completing their degree.

Looking for schools that will train you to be the next video game design stud? Check out our  Military Friendly® colleges and see who offers courses in the video gaming industry.

The key to learning how to get a job in the video  gaming industry is a passion for the business, but developing the skills to land your dream job takes time. With the right plan and connections, you can turn your hobby into a post-military job that you enjoy. Start today with one of these easy steps. You’ll soon find out if the love you have for this.

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