G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Feb 22

Virtual Job Fair   |   Feb 22


Salary Range: $27,961 – $61,941


Job Description

Simply put, Mechanics fix things. Anything with an engine, really: cars, trucks, boats, trains, airplanes, buses, heavy equipment, even lawn mowers and rototillers. Sometimes they’re called technicians, but whatever the title they’ll likely use computer technology to troubleshoot, repair and maintain machines.

Why It’s Hot

Machines take us everywhere, and they eventually break down. Job security! The BLS predicts 9 percent job growth for auto mechanics, while 15 percent is projected for diesel mechanics.

What You’ll Need

If this wasn’t your job in the military, you’ll need post-secondary training from a vocational school or other institution. To be an aircraft mechanic, you’ll also need FAA certification.

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