G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25


Salary Range: $29,139 – $62,995


Job Description

While there are lots of things you can drive for a living, the biggest opportunity for transitioning veterans is with trucks. Big trucks. The trucking industry is short an estimated 35,000 long-haul drivers, and it’s a pain that’s not going away anytime soon. If you don’t mind being on the road for several weeks at a time, this could be a great career.

Why It’s Hot

An aging workforce and new federal regulations equals an increasing demand for truck drivers. The BLS projects 20-percent growth through 2020 – 330,000 new drivers!

What You’ll Need

Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL) if you want to drive the big boys (26,000 pounds and up). You can use the GI Bill for most CDL schools.

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