G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27



There are lots of things you can drive in the civilian world. You can drive a truck or drive a car (think Uber or a cab). You can drive a bus, drive a train, or drive your mother-in-law crazy. But if you want to get into the workforce quickly and grab a job that pays well and offers great benefits and independence, you might want to focus on the big rigs.

The trucking industry is short 35,000 drivers, and the shortage is projected to grow much bigger. You can earn a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in a matter of weeks, and you can use your GI Bill to pay for it.

Want to drive a train? You’ll need to get hired and trained by a railroad, then get certified by the Federal Railroad Administration. Learn more about the railroad industry, How TO Get Hired At BNSF.


Hot Licenses

• CDL – Class A
• CDL – Class B
• CDL – Class C
• Federal Railroad Administration Certification


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• Long-Haul Truck Driver
• Specialty Truck Driver
• Owner-Operator Truck Driver
• Light Truck Driver
• Bus Driver
• Train Engineer


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