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Help Veterans Cope with the Stresses of PTSD


From mental health services to financial training, VA offers numerous opportunities to aid Veterans in the ongoing battle with PTSD.

Understanding the complex nature of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of VA’s most pressing challenges. Many Veterans who fought in Vietnam, the Gulf War and post-9/11 conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have experienced this mental health condition sometime in their lives, and we need to be ready to offer them the help they need.

Clinical excellence

At VA, we are the world’s leading research and educational center on PTSD and traumatic stress, all with an eye towards assisting Veterans. Throughout our system, we employ numerous professionals with specialties in PTSD.

  • VA psychologists take on leadership roles; work in management, research, academia and training; and even impact system-wide policies. You also have the opportunity to practice in several specialized areas, including PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and serious mental illness.
  • Our social workers provide direct clinical services and coordinate special interest programs—all while working with an interdisciplinary team to deliver care in the best interests of the patient.
  • Mental health counselors collaborate with Veterans to establish goals and treatments. But whatever your recommendation, you’ll partner with our Veterans to help them through the process.

Multi-disciplinary approaches

While our counselors, social workers and psychologists are the first line of support for Veterans when it comes to PTSD, they are not alone in the fight. VA’s consistent approach to multidisciplinary care means that there are other ways to assist Veterans.

As PTSD can lead to other issues for Veterans, including substance abuse, efforts are being developed to address those needs as well. As the government looks to further invest in mental health, we will be hiring nearly 300 new peer specialists to better support Veterans with substance use disorders.

Those same investments will allow VA to develop a National Center for Veterans Financial Empowerment, which will aim to provide Veterans with education, tools and resources to successfully navigate financial strain that can come from PTSD and other mental health issues.

Innovative treatments

We believe that empowering Veterans and caregivers with information creates pathways to success in mental health treatment. As a member of our team, you can help research treatments and solutions, expand the evidence base for effective solutions, and help disseminate that information among our facilities and partner programs.

Our mission also includes reaching out to Veterans in new ways. Our mobile apps provide self-help, education and support. They can be used by anyone, including health care professionals, members of the general public, and even Veterans themselves to find support and information. Supporting those programs means opportunities in our administrative and technology fields, offering you an innovative way to help Veterans.

Work at VA

Our team is always ready and able to assist a Veteran or their loved ones when it comes to mental health. Together, we can make a difference.

This article was previously published on the VA’s VAntage Point blog.