G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   May 23

Virtual Job Fair   |   May 23

Out of Military Uniform: What the Heck is Business Casual

Business Casual Attire

In recent years ties have been loosening at companies around the country and business casual has become the new norm. Whether your company is just adopting a business casual dress code or you’re starting a new job with a business casual dress code, defining business casual can be tricky.

There is no strict definition of business causal, leaving a grey area of what is and is not acceptable. One of the best things to keep in mind when determining if an outfit is appropriate is to think, “Will this outfit get me through an unscheduled meeting with a client or an off-chance lunch with my company’s CEO?”

Business Casual is NOT:

  • Casual clothing that is suitable for the beach, yard work, dance clubs, exercise sessions or sporting events.
  • Clothing that is too tight, torn, dirty or too revealing.
  • Jeans, sweatpants, exercise pants or shorts.
  • Athletic shoes, flip-flops, slippers and any shoe with open toes.

Business Casual IS:

  • Clothing that is neat, clean and pressed.
  • Classic vs. trendy.
  • Cotton or mixed-blend slacks, or chinos with a belt.
  • Slip-on or casual shoes with socks.

 Example Outfit:

    • Khaki or cotton pants
    • Long-sleeve, button-down shirt; polo shirt or knit shirt with a collar
    • Sweater
    • Leather shoes and belt