G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Finding the Right Civilian Job for You

Finding A Job

In the military, finding the right branch to serve is about finding the right fit for you. It is the same deal in the civilian job search. Before you commit the job, here are a few ways to make sure the company is a good fit for you.

1. Do some research online.

Before you head to your job interview, do some research online. Check out the company’s website. More often than not you can get a sense of a company’s culture just by checking out their website. Also reach out to your social networks. Do you have any friends or connections who have ties to the company you are interviewing with? They can help give you a sense of the company, both pros and cons.

2. Check out the work space.

When you arrive for your interview, check out the building and specifically the work area where you would be working. Is the environment noisy? Do they utilize open cubicles? Does everyone look engaged and happy with their work or just miserable?

3. Ask to meet with your future co-workers.

If appropriate during the interview, ask if you could meet with a few of your potential co-workers. This will go a long way to determining if you will fit in with the company.

4. Put the interviewer on the spot.

Another great way to get a sense of a company’s culture is to ask the interviewer directly during the interview. Ask them about the company’s culture and their thoughts on items such as potential for growth. If the interviewer has a good answer and a good grasp on the culture of the company, that is a good sign.

Going on a job interview can be tough work, but consider it a great opportunity for you as well. It is a time to make sure, if offered the position, you can accept it without hesitation knowing you will fit right in.