G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Farmer’s Military-to-Agency Owner Self-Assessment

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Am I a good candidate to be an agency owner or district manager?

This document is a simple yet comprehensive tool to help you answer that complex question. For it to be beneficial, be honest with yourself: Answer the questions below from the perspective of what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Step 1
The first step in this assessment is the question that gets right to the heart of “why am I pursuing this opportunity?” Remember, be honest with yourself.

Am I considering this opportunity for the right reasons and not the wrong reasons? A wrong reason might be because you dislike your current situation. This may be a good reason to consider change, but is it the right reason to considering becoming a self-employed Farmers agency owner or district manager? A good example of a right reason might be that you have a burning desire to be your own boss and work for yourself.

If you’re confident that you’re pursuing this opportunity for the right reason(s), go onto step 2.

Step 2
Now you’ll evaluate if you have important attributes (skills and knowledge) necessary to be a successful business owner. Rate yourself in each of the 10 areas using the following scale:

0 = I simply don’t have this attribute for all practical purposes.
1 = I have this attribute on occasion.
2 = I am adequate in this attribute.
3 = This is strength of mine but I have no or very little experience or proof to support this assessment.
4 = This is a strength and I have some experience and proof to support this assessment.
5 = This is a strength and I have substantial experience and proof to support this assessment.

Attribute Score

1 I have a track record of success.
2 I am a “self-starter” and I like to take charge.
3 I have emotional resilience to failure.
4 I have the ability to ID talent and improve productivity of low performers.
5 I am willing to work long hours: weekends, evenings.
6 I understand the difference between investment and expense as it relates to building a business.
7 I have a vast understanding of the role of a DM and/or agency owner can describe what it takes to be a successful DM and/or successful agency owner.
8 I am willing to invest my own capital to start a district or agency and I have adequate capital.
9 I can develop a business plan and understand the components of what goes into a business plan (marketing, financing, succession planning, staffing).
10 I understand the additional complexities of business ownership including taxes, payroll, and capital investment.

Total Score

Step 3
Apply the following guide for determining if you are a candidate based on your total score.

< 30 points total = I am not a candidate to be a business owner.
31 to 40 points = I will need to develop in certain areas before I am a candidate.
41 to 50 points = I am a candidate to be a business owner.

Submit your results to [email protected] and be sure to include your name and employee information below:

Name: _________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________
Branch of Service: _____________________________________
Title: ___________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________



By completing this assessment you are not applying for a District Manager or Agency Owner position nor are you being considered for one. If you decide to pursue a DM or Agency Owner opportunity you will go through a complete selection process.
However, by completing this self-assessment you are taking a step that will assist you in the selection process should you decide to pursue one of the opportunities. The areas addressed in this self-assessment will be explored in the selection process, including providing proof and evidence that you possess these attributes to the level you determined.