G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Customer Service Representative

Julie Paget
Customer Service Representative
Progressive Insurance
Colorado Springs, Colo.
Military Service:
Air Force (1976-81)
Master Sergeant, Air National Guard (1994-2012)
AFSC: Command and Control Battle Management Operator


What Do You Do?

I provide service to customers via phone calls. I solve problems, educate and answer questions from potential customers, current policyholders and lienholders regarding coverage, rates, billing issues and general policy review.

Most Interesting Thing About Your Job?

Our customers. They come from all walks of life and I enjoy talking with them and helping them with their insurance needs.

Most Challenging Part of Your Job?

I had to learn to “leave my stripes at the door,” with my years as a senior NCO I had to know when to be able to “draw the line in the sand” and when to “follow and obey.” With this job I’ve had to learn how to take calls from different types of customers with friendly and personable service. No matter what they are calling about, by the time the call is completed I want them to feel satisfied and happy they have Progressive as their insurance company.

What Surprised You About the Civilian Workforce?

The similarities between the military and Progressive. The leadership structure, core values and accountability for time management are very similar, just in a more relaxed manner.

Best Advice?

Take time to read the job description and relate your military experiences to that job description. Do your research on the company. I would recommend Progressive to all fellow veterans that are looking for a good fit. As we say in the military, Progressive has it “wired tight!”