G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Myths of Owning an Agency with Farmers Insurance and Financial Services

Myths About Insurance

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There are many myths that can hold you back from pursuing a career in insurance, Farmers Insurance is here to put those myths to rest.

1. Insurance is boring – False : We run into the action/danger just like you. When there’s a catastrophe, we’re first on the scene

2. You’re an employee of Farmers- False – You are a true 1099 Independent Contractor…an entrepreneur, you own your book of business.

3. I can’t be an agency owner, I know nothing about insurance – Almost all of our successful agency owners came from somewhere outside of the insurance world.

4. I’m all on my own and Farmers will invest nothing into me – False – Farmers has financial support tailored to your needs, while you grow your business. You’re in business for yourself… but not by yourself. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs grow their business for 85 years.

5. I won’t have any health/dental benefits – False – Farmers has a team devoted solely to the benefit plan of our agency owners.

6. I’ll have to solicit to my friends and family – While it is helpful to have strong centers of influence, Farmers has a state-of-the-art lead-generating system to help you grow your business.

7. Most people just by online – False, when assets are involved and the well-being of someone’s family is involved, people want a reliable person to coach them on what coverage is best.

8. I’ll have to write a check to Farmers in order to get started : False : The money you wish to invest, goes right into your business, not Farmers.

9. I have to be licensed : Again, no. Almost all of our Agency Owners come to us without licensing. We can assist in that process.

10. I can only sell auto and home insurance – False – Farmers Agency owners have over 66 products they can use to help protect the assets of their clients.

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