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Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Companies with Internal Networks for Veterans

Internal Networks

As veterans start to comprise a larger and larger segment of the civilian job market, support systems designed to give veterans better access to resources and information are emerging in the form of internal networks. Military networks within civilian companies offer vets a unique opportunity to interact with other veterans, broaden their personal and professional networks and give back to others.

Although internal employee networks are nothing new, networks specifically for veterans are starting to become more common among larger companies. Companies with internal veteran networks foster a culture that recruits, transitions, develops and retains veterans as part of their essential leadership pipeline.

Lockheed Martin recently created Military Connect, which allows internal and external veterans the ability to share information on a variety of subjects. Topic material ranges from content for veterans thinking about separating from the military to veterans already in transition, or even veterans in other career fields who are looking to join the Lockheed Martin team.

Bank of America offers the Military Support Affinity Group, an employee resource designed to create opportunities for advancement through leadership development, mentoring and information forums.

AT&T’s Veterans Employee Resource Group was created to provide support, camaraderie and resources for employees formerly or currently serving our nation.

U.S. Bank offers the Proud to Serve Resource Group, a talent community providing news, events and outreach activities to veterans.

Prudential’s Military Veterans Network (VETnet) is a business resource group that provides an outlet for communication and sharing common issues with an important connection between Prudential and the veteran community.

Many companies now offer internal veteran’s networks, including GE, CSX Corporation, PNC Bank, Amazon and many more.  As more veterans join the civilian workforce, it is likely that veterans networks will become even more prevalent. It makes good sense to integrate better networking support for veterans. Companies place a high value on military experience and the maturity that veterans bring to their organizations. Veterans are praised for their leadership skills and personal integrity – it is the extra plus that companies are looking for today.


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