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Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

How to Choose a Realtor for a Military Move

Choosing a Realtor for a Military Move

When you separate from the military and head out into the civilian world there are a lot of tasks to prioritize, such as getting a job and finding a home. When it comes to finding your house how you choose a realtor for a military move will make all of the difference in making sure you end up with what you want and need. Hope Larson, a marketing specialist with RE/MAX American Dream in Perry Hall, Md., and the wife of an Army officer offered GI Jobs a few dos and don’ts that transitioning military should follow when they choose a realtor for a military move.

Dos and Don’ts

Do: Choose an agent who is REALTOR®. Larson says that the little “R” really does make a difference. This signifies that the agent is a member of the National Association of Realtors—and similar to the military—denotes a bit of a chain of command in holding those agents accountable for their actions.

Don’t: Accept just any agent. Ask questions. Find out who they are affiliated with. Is their broker a single local office or a national or international brokerage firm? This plays a huge part in how effective your home can be marketed (if you are selling as well as buying.)

Do: Read the agency disclosures provided by the state or county. Larson points out that this is crucial to understanding how you will be represented throughout the transactions. Ask questions until you are 100 percent sure you understand the disclosure.

Don’t: Limit yourself when looking a lenders and loan programs. According to Larson, many lenders offer completely different programs than their competitors. By not shopping for the best mortgage you could end up paying out too much interest, or missing out on the best terms for your loan.

Do: Ask the agent if they are familiar with working with military families. You might be surprised how many people don’t understand a military or post-military move, Larson says.