G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Army Mechanic Trades Wrench for an Office with a View

The Job

Former Army mechanic, Kyle Lee, 24, drives a flatbed truck hauling cargo across the country. He’s responsible for a $150,000 truck that TMC Transportation provides, plus the millions of dollars of cargo he hauls in a year.

Wheels Were Turning

While stationed in Germany, he applied for a mechanic position back in the states. But because his unit was out in the field for several weeks, the company couldn’t contact his unit as a reference. He decided instead to use his driving skills in the civilian world and applied for a truck driver position at TMC Transportation.

Back to School

Lee used his GI Bill to get his Commercial Drivers License (CDL). TMC Transportation sent him to school in St. Louis and spent months training him on the job. He says, “The company invested in me.”

Office With A View

Lee’s favorite part of his job is the view. He travels through scenic farm routes across the country. He especially enjoys the small towns he encounters and meeting the locals when he stops.

A Dangerous Road

Driving a flatbed is no easy task. Lee says safety is always a priority for him. His biggest challenge is the entire winter season – icy roads and tough weather conditions.

Funny Military Moment

WhenLee graduated from driving school, a photo was taken of the graduating class. He automatically stood at attention for the picture without even noticing that no one else did. You can take the man out of the Army, but you can’t take the Army out of the man.

Military vs. Civilian Job

Lee says the major difference between his military job and his civilian one is independence. “They trust me to make the right decisions. No one is looking over my shoulder like before. It feels good to be independent.”

Favorite Military Memory

Lee recalls his military family, “I really enjoyed my deployments to Afghanistan and being with my unit. We were like brothers more than friends. If someone needed something, they didn’t even need to ask, it just happened. I miss those guys.”

Troop File

Military Service: Army (2009-2012)

Highest Rank: Specialist (E-4)

MOS: Wheel Mechanic (91B)

Civilian Job: Flatbed Driver, TMC Transportation


Fun Facts:

Favorite Flick: “Gone In 60 Seconds”

Can’t live without: Smartphone and my GPS!

Hobbies: Cars and hunting, especially deer and turkey.

If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be?

  1. Clint Eastwood
  2. Dale Earnhardt Sr.
  3. Guys from Duck Dynasty

Favorite Reality Show: “Duck Dynasty”