G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Is Criminal Justice a Good Career Path for Veterans?

criminal justice

Yes. Good chat, thanks for coming. Oh, you want to know more? OK, OK. Gather round, ye veteran brothers and sisters.


If you’re interested in a crime-fighting career or becoming a superhero, criminal justice is an excellent path to follow. (I hear that’s how Deadpool got his start, no?)


Let me tell you the tale of Alvernia University and its crime-busting ways. It’s no secret that a career in criminal justice can take you a lot of places, including police work in your community or to the national level as an FBI agent. (Sorry, you can’t be Tony Stark; that’s not a degree. That, my friends, is just a whole lotta cash. But you could build a crime-fighting career, get a good savings started and then the possibilities are endless.)  Alvernia University is well-suited to take you to any of these places with its criminal justice program, which specializes in small classroom sizes and instructors with real-world experience. With only 12 students for each instructor in the classroom, the opportunity to work hands-on with professionals who have extensive experience in the field is exceptional.


A criminal justice degree can lead to careers beyond traditional lines of law enforcement. Alvernia celebrates graduates who have moved into careers as detectives, victim advocates and positions within Homeland Security. (Any superhero connection to the program may be classified, or owned by Marvel Studios.)


The study of criminal justice suits a host of veteran experiences. While not all of us have a direct background in the field (master-at-arms, military police), many of us have at least dealt with some element of the criminal justice world. Working as a victim advocate in the Sexual Assault and Prevention Program (SAPR) or simple watching-standing can help support a base of experience that can be used in the criminal justice career path.


Let’s face it, military veterans are attuned to government systems, regulations and the implementation of these things. Programs like Alvernia’s can teach us how to hone those skills, add to them and contribute to something greater. This path can also provide an excellent foundation for a career in law if you are interested in becoming an attorney or judge.


Police departments are increasingly looking for both military experience and degrees when recruiting officers. If you have an interest in the field, degrees like this can be solid places to begin. Not only will you learn more about law but also about how agencies interact, about unexpected circumstances and sometimes, most importantly, you will create a network of professionals that can help launch your own career.


If you’re craving more information, take a look at Alvernia’s Veteran’s Benefits page. In the meantime, good luck out there Spidey, you’ll make Uncle Ben proud.


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