International Culinary Center

Bobby Flay. Donatella Arpaia. Lee Anne Wong. Celebrity chefs like this wow us weekly with their culinary ingenuity on shows like Iron Chef America, the Next Iron Chef, and countless others. But these celebrity chefs have another big thing in common – they all are alumni of the International Culinary Center.

If you’re a veteran interested in heading to school for the culinary arts, the International Culinary Center (ICC) has a lot to offer. With more than 15,000 alumni from 80 countries over the past three decades, ICC is well-connected and will work with veterans throughout their careers.

Veterans with an honorable discharge, active military and the spouse/child of a veteran or active military member eligible for the maximum in federal grants and full Post 9/11 benefits can attend International Culinary Center with no out-of-pocket expense for the Professional Culinary Arts or Professional Pastry Arts programs at the award-winning cooking school’s New York City or Silicon Valley, CA, campus.

Tuition assistance is available if full GI benefits are not.

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Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA)

PIA provides an avenue for veterans to utilize skills developed in service of this country while earning the knowledge and certifications necessary for careers in aircraft repair, robotics, manufacturing and many other hands-on careers.

Veterans receive excellent career placement assistance, with 96% placement over the last five years (January 2010 – December 2014) in the aviation industry or fields directly related to a PIA education.

PIA Quick Facts

  • About 18% of PIA’s students are veterans.
  • PIA was named as one of G.I. Job Magazine’s “2015 Military-Friendly Schools”.
  • A significant number of PIA’s faculty and staff have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • PIA may grant credit based on results of evaluation tests administered to those who have relevant military experience.
  • In accordance with the to “VA Principles of Excellence”, PIA reviews a “Shopping Sheet” with each veteran.

Every PIA campus is eligible for VA Education Benefits.

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Berks Technical Institute

Located in Wyomissing, PA., just west of Philadelphia, Berks Technical Institute (BTI) is a trade and technical school offering Skilled Trades Training in addition to Healthcare Administration Programs, Medical Training, Business Programs and more.

BTI values its students’ military service and has a commitment to being their for them “enrollment and providing tutoring assistance to graduation and beyond. We will ensure they succeed.”

BTI is staffed with admissions representatives to guide active-duty military, veterans, and spouses through the process of enrolling and discovering how their military service can translate into a rewarding new career. The school also offers assistance in navigating the process of applying funding sources. BTI states that “as a member of the armed forces, we understand the potential for deployment and will work to ensure reimbursement for tuition/fees for the unfinished term.”

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ETI School of Skilled Trades

Chicago-based ETI School of Skilled Trades is committed to serving active duty, reservists, veterans and military spouses with quality, relevant certificate of skilled trades programs – in the most affordable manner.

ETI was founded in 1973 by the owners of one of the Chicago’s largest Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration contracting companies. Their main goal was to provide qualified candidates for the growing HVAC/R industry.

Approximately 20% of ETI’s staff is made up of Veterans. Our staff understands the needs, goals and urgency that many of the military personnel seek, require and/or demand. Besides participating in a variety of Chicagoland Military and Veteran programs, ETI School of Trade Skills also works closely with many reputable corporations to hire Military personnel, attend conferences and events to include the yearly the DOD and CCME. ETI student body population of military personnel and dependents averages about 16% to 18% yearly.

ETI prides itself in offering programs and services that support all those who have served our Country.

ETI’s New Student Start Team representatives are available to help guide you through the student application and financing process so you can focus your attention on earning your education. ETI accepts a number of government-supported student aid programs on behalf of military members and veterans including and provides other benefits.

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McCann School of Business and Technology

A Military-Friendly School with campuses in Pennsylvania and Louisiana, McCann School of Business and Technology offers a variety of Diploma and ASB/AST Degree programs in several different fields including Beauty & Wellness, Business, Education, Legal & Protective Services, Healthcare, Skilled Trades and Technology.

McCann prides itself on small class sizes, individual attention, hands-on training, and an acute awareness of what companies are looking for, which helps the school tailor their programs to match the fields that are in high demand.

For veterans, McCann is committed to providing assistance at all stages of the education cycle and has admissions staff available to guide active-duty military, veterans and spouses through the process of enrolling and discovering how their military service can translate into a rewarding new career.

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Miller-Motte College and Miller-Motte Technical College

Miller-Motte College and Miller-Motte Technical College, both Military Friendly schools, have 17 locations spread out over North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and offer Business programs, Medical training, Healthcare administration and Skilled Trades training.

Miller-Motte’s academic approach focuses on the development of a veteran’s knowledge, skills and competencies that will prepare them for their careers of choice. The school’s programs and courses are designed to prepare veterans for the job market and give them the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful.

Among the veteran academic benefits are the credit for CLEP and/or DSST Exams, Military students deployed return without penalty, follow ACE recommendations for awarding credit, ACE credit for military training and experience.

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Miami-Jacobs Career College

Miami-Jacobs Career College (MJCC) is a career and vocational training school in Ohio.  MJCC offers training in the fields of Beauty & Wellness, Business, Legal & Protective Services, Medical, Healthcare Administration and Skilled Trades.

MJCC’s mission is to provide each and every student – including veterans – with a career-focused education that prepares them for a new career. According to the school’s website, MJCC “believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn, and we’ll do what we can to help anyone who walks through our doors.”

For veterans, according to MJCC’s website, the school recognizes military experience teaches invaluable skills. MJCC says a servicemember’s experience, training and education as assets that will “impress employers, and make you a competitive applicant for any position.”

MJCC follows ACE recommendations for awarding credit, and provides ACE credit for military training and experience.

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New Castle School of Trades*

Since its founding in 1945, New Castle School of Trades has become one of the premier trade schools in Pennsylvania and Ohio (located about 20 minutes from Youngstown-Warren-Boardman).

Throughout the last 70+ years of teaching and training, NCST has evolved from educating competent tradesmen to training more sophisticated and innovative craftsmen who are looking to become today’s highly skilled technicians.

Over the years, the school has moved from the era of educating competent tradesmen, through the phase of the more sophisticated and innovative craftsman, to today’s highly skilled technicians.

Since 1945, New Castle School of Trades has served the needs of our veterans, military personnel and their family’s along with the needs of our graduates by matching skills.

Emphasis is placed on Attitude, Appearance, Academics and Accountability. These “Five A’s” are the guiding principles that lead to the success of our graduates.

NCST offers a number of veteran benefits, including no penalty for military students deployment, ACE recommendations for awarding credit, and ACE credit for military training and experience.

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