G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

8 Military-to-Civilian Reminders for Transition

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Believe it or not, you are high-risk for hire. Regardless of all the hype and marketing that has surrounded the transitioning veteran space in the last few years, unless you prepare and get ahead of your transition, you are at risk of falling short when it comes to finding the right fit for you in the Job Market come separation from the military.

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Plan Ahead

You will not have someone telling you what to do after you leave the military, you MUST plan ahead. This may mean educating yourself on even how to plan. Do not wait for someone to hand it to you, you must go after it for yourself. Planning ahead means years in advance, not a month from separation. The earlier, the better!


I cannot stress enough the importance of education. The military education benefits and online schooling have made it practically impossible for anyone to not find a way to get a degree. Time management and willfully committing to the time it takes to get the degree will be your biggest challenge but will pay off in the end.

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Professional Resume

Translating your military skills into the civilian job market can seem impossible, but it is not. This is why hiring a professional to help you navigate these waters is most beneficial. Find a professional, not every resume company is created equal, and nothing worth having is free.


Your monthly paycheck is about to come to a screeching halt. Make a budget you can live comfortably in. Living paycheck to paycheck is not wise and will add more stress to you and your family. Set yourself up for success by getting your finances in check asap.

Find Your Niche

Too often I encounter transitioning veterans who have no idea what they want to do. In order to drive your focus and success strategically, you need to first figure out what you want to do. Once you do that, then you can maintain focus and be steadfast in that specific direction.


Interview Prep

How you speak and what you wear is important when going to an interview. Arrive early, study up on the company and be sure you can speak the language of your resume. Come prepared every single time.

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Networking can help you when looking for a new job, but it isn’t the solve all. Plus, many do not have the time for networking as others may. Be strategic and consider professional job hunters that can work for you.

Social Media Branding

If you are on LinkedIn then you should know that every part of your Linkedin profile matters. Get a professional photo and streamline your profile to match your resume. PSA Alter: Be careful what you post and comment on, company HR’s do look. If you do not know how to do this hire the professionals to do it for you.



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