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Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

7 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

questions to ask during a job interview

During a job interview, you expect to be peppered with all kinds of questions from the business executive sitting across the table. And while you should be completely prepared with answers that highlight your skills and qualifications, you should also come up with some questions of your own.

Finding out information about the company and the position is absolutely essential when trying to evaluate if the job your applying for will be the right fit. But too often a job candidate stays silent when the interviewer asks if he or she has any questions.

Be on top of your game; don’t be left wondering what questions to ask during a job interview. Check out these 7 starter questions:

Why Was This Position Originally Created?

Getting some background into the history of the position is a great place to start. Why the role was created should provide some insight into the needs of the company and the thought process behind establishing the role in the first place.

How Have Past Employees Succeeded in this Position?

By inquiring about the success of former employees who held the job, you automatically show the interviewer that you are interested in how you can excel in the role. It may also provide some insight into what the hiring manager is looking for from a candidate.

What Are Some Three-Month Goals for the Person in this Role?

Asking for specific, short-term goals demonstrates that you are ready to get to work. It shows initiative and drive, but it will also give you a very practical roadmap for what you can initially expect if you do get hired.

What Skills and Attributes Do You Expect from Someone in this Position?

You might have the job description memorized, but specifically asking the hiring manager what skills he or she is looking for in an employee will help you gain more personal insight into what that manager respects and values. Sometimes the answers may reveal tangible skills such as knowledge of certain computer programs or software, but other answers may deal more directly with personality traits and how you handle yourself socially. Either way, it’s good to get a handle on what is expected.

Are There Growth Opportunities for This Position?

If you’re looking for a way to move up the corporate ladder, this is a vital question that every job seeker should ask. Some positions remain relatively stagnate and growth opportunities don’t present themselves often, but others constantly change and employers roll with the punches and seek to promote from within. Be direct about your desire to grow within the company, and be prepared to walk away if the answer isn’t what you are looking for.

Can You Tell Me a Little Bit About the Company Culture?

Often times, employers are looking for someone with more than just a good resume—they want someone who jives with the culture in the office. Asking about the company culture up front will often get the interviewer talking about things that may be important to you such as vacation time, employee get-togethers, or whether telecommuting is allowed. This will also show the interviewer that you’re looking for an environment where you’ll feel comfortable and want to stay.

How Do You See the Company Changing or Growing in the Next Few Years?

All companies are dynamic and change often. Be prepared to discuss some of the big-picture items with a prospective employer during the interview process. Find out where the hiring manager expects the company to be in the next few years and how the role your applying for will help achieve those objectives.