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Bet you never considered a career in seed production.

Keeno Fuqua did. He’s a production technician for Monsanto Company at a plant in Luling, La., where they produce glyphosate – a herbicide used to kill weeds that compete with commercial crops grown around the globe.

“I think people in the military do not understand that these types of jobs exist,” says Fuqua, a former Army National Guard mechanic who deployed to Iraq. “I don’t think much emphasis is put on manufacturing jobs and how they impact industry.”

Indeed, there’s a need for production technicians at plants nationwide – including Monsanto’s 40-plus seed production facilities.

“Technicians at Monsanto’s production facilities are responsible for the safe operation of chemical and seed-processing equipment,” says Alejandro Cornejo, global talent acquisition at Monsanto Company.

Technicians start out between $31,200 and $37,440, not including overtime or benefits. Eventually they can earn between $52,000 and $58,240, depending on location and experience.

And there is room to promote or shift your career path.

“We’re a global, team-driven organization dedicated to making a difference,” Cornejo says. “Here, you can make your mark while you continuously improve our processes and consistently establish the highest standards in the industry for safety, seed quality, cost and supply reliability.”

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