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Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

50 Tips You NEED Before Your Next PCS Move


Whether you are embarking on your very first Permanent Change of Station (PCS Move) or a seasoned pro at the moving game, this article is for you.

We asked our Facebook community for the one thing they wish they knew before their last PCS. These are all great PCS Move tips (even when some of them contradict each other) that are sure to help you before you receive that next set of orders.

1. Make sure the coffee machine is packed in one box. Every piece was packed separately in different boxes during our last move.

2. When they call out the box numbers, instead of looking for each box on those bajillion papers just write the number on a blank sheet. Then on the lunch break take that sheet and then mark them off the bunch of forms. So much easier and faster.

3. I bought scrapbook paper in various patterns. I assigned a different pattern to each room. When the movers packed the rooms I taped that paper to the boxes according to the rooms it belonged. When they got to the house I taped a sheet of each of the patterns on the doors to the rooms. It made it sooooo easy for me and the movers to know where each box went.

4. Save more money beforehand! You will need more than you think.

5. You Have the option to pay for extra insurance through TMO (they’ll try and discourage you!)…voila! YOU’LL GET BETTER MOVING COMPANIES/SERVICE and LO AND BEHOLD NOTHING BREAKS!

6. If you tip your movers before they start they take extra care with your stuff!

7. The one thing that really can’t be fixed/replaced will absolutely get broken.

8. You will need like 30 copies of your orders.

9. Don’t keep so much stuff out to carry with you! We had SO much stuff checked onto the plane. It was ridiculous.

10. Renting sight-unseen is a bad idea. Always.


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