G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

4 Myths Veterans Face When Finding a Job


3. Stop them from thinking of you as a PSA.

Post traumatic stress (PTS) is a real issue that some veterans face. But it is a myth that most veterans are affected by PTS. And in fact, lots of civilians struggle with mental health issues, including PTS from non-combat situations and depression. Over 7.7 million Americans suffer from PTS, and it is estimated that 17 percent of Americans will suffer a major depressive episode at least once in their lifetime. These issues are not limited to veterans, yet many employers will have mental health issues at the top of their list of concerns when interviewing a veteran for a position.

Before you interview:

If you do have health issues from your service, decide how open you are going to be about your experiences. You do not need to share your concerns with your potential employer, but you may be faced with a question that will prompt you to share this information. Preparation is key. I highly recommend watching this video put out by the Warrior Transition Command to hear how one service member dealt with this sensitive issue.