G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

35 Things We Want Civilians to Know

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We have all had experiences with “civilians” who mean well, but in the absence of understanding may do or say something that can be hurtful or leave us scratching our heads in confusion.

However, it might be time to give our civilian counterparts a break. Let’s be real…sometimes this life is hard for those of us who belong to a military family to understand. We can’t expect folks who are not living it to completely grasp our way of life.

We have found that most “civilians” truly do appreciate what our service members and families go through. In recent years, we have seen a great deal of support from many grateful Americans. But there are still common misconceptions.

Instead of getting our feelings hurt, or worse…assuming that a lack of understanding means they simply don’t care…it is up to us to start the dialogue, clear up any confusion and lessen any divide that may exist.

Here are 35 things that we want civilians to know!