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Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

23 Honest Pros and Cons of Being in a Dual Military Marriage

pros and cons of being in a dual military marriage

This week, I am at the end of the rope with my husband’s branch of service. You see, he’s about to transition back into the civilian world and all the sudden they are finding mistakes they made two years ago that we now have to pay for (some rather literally). I know there had to be dual military couples out there feeling the same way…

And then there is their inability to figure out how to count leave dates and travel time and proceed time to correctly calculate his date of departure. Now I know I pick on his branch because they are known more for having big muscles than big brains, but that’s usually just in good clean competition between branches. This time, however, I am beyond frustrated because sometimes doing this dual-military, geo-bachelor, cross-branched marriage is more than I can handle without a margarita.

You see, I do the admin job that helps people make sure all their stuff is lined up for transfer. I can guide someone in the right direction and tell them exactly what happens where there are issues of over payment or lack of payment. I know the rules and regulations because it’s my job. Sitting here, being completely unable to do anything, is making me crazy! I decided I couldn’t possibly be alone in this frustration. I knew there had to be more dual-mil marriages out there who could understand the trials and tribulations that come with both spouses wearing uniforms. I wanted to know what would be on their pro and con list. What makes them ready to pull out their hair and what balances it all out and makes it so worth it….

Find the Pros and Cons list at MilitarySpouse.com!