G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

#1 Way To Waste Time During A Job Search

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There are many ways to waste valuable time during the hunt for employment. The number one waste of time during a job search is not being proactive in the right way. Without even realizing, many hopefuls are guilty of wasting time. These violations come in many different forms, but all circle back to not being proactive.

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Failure To Research

Whether applying for a position with a company or small business, it’s absolutely vital to conduct research. Understanding basic information about how employers operate and what they’re looking for will go a long way when the time comes to submit a resume for consideration. For example, certain companies receive hundreds—if not thousands—of unsolicited applications weekly. Doing homework to learn the hiring process before applying will assist in preventing an applicant from being lost in the random applicants.



Not Taking Advantage of Networking Websites and Social Media Platforms

Many employers have taken to websites such as LinkedIn to connect with applicants. In fact, many online application process systems allow the option to apply with a LinkedIn account. This is an important networking resource that is often overlooked. Many employers also post job listings on LinkedIn with opportunities to apply right from your own account. Social media platforms are also a good way to network with employers. Following companies on their respective social media platforms is a good way to cultivate knowledge and show support.

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Applying For Positions Providing Incomplete Applications

A good way to waste time and resources applying for a dream job is to submit incomplete applications. Paying special attention to instructions is an absolute must. For instance, if an employer requires three references or a cover letter, failing to provide these items may very well be a disqualifying factor. Hiring resources don’t have time to sift through incomplete application packets just to contact every person who submitted theirs improperly. It’s also important for applicants to only apply for positions they’re fully qualified to fill per job description qualifications. For instance, if a certain job accepts experience in lieu of college education, it’s important to completely outline all qualifying experience.

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Handing Out Unsolicited Resumes

This is quite possibly the mother of all violations when it comes to not engaging in proactive job hunting. This is especially true for those seeking employment outside of retail or fast food jobs. Approaching possible places of employment with the sole purpose of dropping off a resume can actually work against job seekers. If a company isn’t currently hiring, resumes will likely be filed away and just as easily forgotten. Submitting unsolicited resumes also lets possible employers know that research wasn’t conducted or that application procedures were simply ignored.

While there are several ways to waste time during job seeking, they all boil down to not taking a proactive approach. For veterans, this can be a challenge because the military generally hands down guidance for jobs that need to be completed. Remember what implied tasks are from your time in the service, and work to find out the best way to improve the job hunting strategy. Seeking employment doesn’t have to be challenging when job hunters enter the market fully prepared to take action and utilize resources that are readily available.


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