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Companies Currently Hiring Veterans

Your Civilian Career Starts Here

Whether you enlisted right out of high school or held plenty of jobs prior, finding a civilian career will surely be uncharted territory. We’ve built our Career Center to ensure you’re not going at it alone. But, we aren’t here just to get you a job. Below you’ll find the best career resources for veterans available, covering topics from resume writing to landing an interview to how to accept a job offer. We’ve made sure we have everything you need, and then some.

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Mechanical Engineering Jobs Offer Diverse Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering jobs represent one of the most diverse job markets in the world. Learn more about what mechanical engineers do, how to become one and what companies are hiring mechanical engineers now.

  • soldier pointing and yelling

Work From Home Jobs: What You Should Know

Working from home presents a unique opportunity for veterans who are looking for a job after the military. Here are some things to help you succeed if you do work from home.

Looking For a Job After the Military? Follow These Steps!

From crafting a resume to networking with social sites like LinkedIn, these are the crucial steps you must take to find a job after the military.

  • Freelancing as a Military Veteran

A Startup Guide to Freelancing as a Military Veteran

Freelancers are people who sell their work or services to clients rather than being employed by one company. In other words, freelancing is contract work. Most freelancers are paid by the job, though what that ...

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