Mike Daly         

Military Branch: United States Army
Rank Achieved: Specialist E-3
Military Occupational Skill/ Career Field: Army Ranger (4 years)
Roles & Responsibilities of last position in the military: As an Army Ranger; special reconnaissance (intelligence gathering/surveillance)

What was the biggest transition headache?

I always knew I wanted my own company, and wanted to franchise, but I needed something where I could jump right in and use my experience. Finding a company that allowed me to do that was one of the most difficult challenges of my life.

What skills did you bring with you?

My surveillance, operations, and perimeter security experience were the most relevant skills I brought over to the business. I have found that experience has translated well to this business model.

What made you decide on this company?

It’s the state-of-the-art technology and personal attention that sets Signal 88 apart from the competition. 88Edge allows officers to provide detailed reports during every single sweep through a complex – even if an individual contract demands up to 10 patrols in one night. The property manager can see these reports online.

What advice would you give other transitioning veterans looking into employment?

You have to commit to the work to make this payoff. It’s like playing poker and going all in. I did that, and at first it was difficult, but this has turned into my greatest personal accomplishment.