Todd Boldin                    


Military Branch: Air Force
Years Served: 4 years 9 months
Highest Pay Grade: E4/SGT
MOS: 45550B
Age: 47

Job Description:

As a Safety Manager it is my job to ensure that my Division is compliant with DOT, OSHA, and Company policies/regulations.  I help develop and maintain trainings to insure our employees are the best and safest in our Industry .  Most of all I am here to lead /mentor and maintain a safe working environment for our employees and the motoring public.

How did you get the job?

The Safety Department has always appealed to me as I worked along side some great Safety Managers in the past, while still a driver.  When this position was posted I was eager to apply as many others did as well. I was selected a few months later.

Why did you choose this job?

Being a driver as well as working around heavy equipment most of my life I have seen many unsafe accidents and injuries.  Safety is extremely important to me and I feel that with my experience, safety record, and my time with Reddaway I can make a difference in the safety mindset with all employees Company wide.

What is the best part of the job?

I get to work with and spend time with our employees, listening to their ideas, suggestions and concerns. I then take that information and discuss with other Managers to try and better the working environment for all concerned. I try to look at all aspects of our business from a Safety standpoint and use this as the avenue to help lead others to a better Safety mindset.

What was the biggest transition headache?

I feel that it was more of a challenge rather than a headache.  Coming from being a driver to the Safety Manager was a steep learning curve and very challenging at times.  The challenge never goes away as I learn and deal with different situations everyday.

What skills did you bring with you?

While in the military I had supervisory/managerial training as well as leadership responsibilities that has helped me in the transition needed for this new position I have attained. I am a 1 Million mile safe driver with a 21 year safety record within Reddaway. I developed relationships with all Management throughout my career and believe those relationships will also help in my endeavor to increase my knowledge in the area of Safety.