Veteran Success Story

Master Sergeant (E-8), Marine Corps (1996-2017)

  • Why did you opt for an online degree program as opposed to an on-campus or hybrid program?

    I knew I was going to be active in the Marine Corps for quite some time and had no plans to separate until I retired. I was good at my job and a good Marine, so why get out when you’re still having fun. I needed an online program that was accredited and worth the time and money.

  • What advice would I give other veterans looking at online schools?

    Research the schools well and make sure it’s reputable. Make sure it meets your needs and goals. Ensure you apply those military-related skills of discipline, self-motivation, and organization to your online education because you will need it. Even though you’re not in a traditional classroom, seek out to connect with your fellow students and professors. You will find that many of the students taking online classes are just like you. You may even share similarities with the professors. Maybe not all of them are veterans, but you have similar life experiences. As military members, we had community each and every day. While attending your online school your learning will be enhanced and much more enjoyable if you like the school, the program you’re in, and find community among your classmates. Those professional relationships you create will serve you well in the future, and your online degree will be just as valuable as one found in a traditional classroom. You’re a veteran, so bridging the gap to success is what you do best.

  • What was your biggest obstacle in earning a degree online? How did you overcome it?

    The biggest obstacle would have to be balancing family life, work and learning a new profession. It was challenging because none of the three things were cohesive to each other. It was difficult to determine which one would take the priority on a given day. I realized quickly that many of the distance (online) students were career changers, and for many of us we were missing that college experience where you connected with your fellow students. Realistically those classes were one of the stresses that unbalanced my family and work. They were the new addition to the mobile of my life. In order to balance my three obstacles, I thought to create a group on Facebook that allowed distance dietetic students from K-State to join and connect with each other.

Why did you choose Kansas State University Global Campus?

From what I could tell, K-State was one of the first colleges in the country to begin teaching dietetics as well as the first to teach it online. They are in my opinion a top-notch university.

How did you research your options?

I researched online programs with AND, and found Kansas State University. They offered a 2+2 program where you could complete the prerequisite work through Barton County Community College all online, and guaranteed the transfer of those courses to the Didactic Program in Dietetics with K-State.

Did you deploy overseas while working on your degree?

Yes, absolutely. Most of my degree was performed overseas in some region of the world. Very little work was done within the United States.