Cover Story

Military Friendly 2.0

Ask Justine Evirs what “Military Friendly®” means to her, and she’ll tell you about the post-military education experience she DIDN’T have after a medical discharge cut short her Navy career in 2003. She felt detached from the civilian students around her; more comfortable around military than in the civilian world. Today Evirs, 32, is channeling the frustrations she experienced into a new personal mission.

Career Success Profiles

Avoiding Education Paralysis
USAFR veteran Jazmin McBride is passionate about helping other student veterans.

Freedom To Choose
Ability to pick his job and location throws Air Force captain for a loop.

Livin’ The Dream
Seasoned combat leader transitions into his second dream job: driving a big rig.

Featured Articles

Easing the Pain

There is nothing like health care as a place to land a great job or a lifelong career after the service. It’s one field that uses a multitude of services – IT, facilities, finance, security and, of course, all levels of health care training and experience. Hear how fell Veterans made their transition to the health care industry.

Lessons From The Front Lines

Justin Constantine knows what it is like on the battlefield, and he has the scars and stories to prove it. He also feels that lessons learned on the frontline can be helpful in the office. We asked Constantine for the five most important takeaways from his new book.

Glitz, Glamour… and More

The entertainment industry might have more glitz and glamour than many other fields, but not everyone seeks out the limelight. In fact, there’s a whole other world going on behind the scenes. It takes a crew of people to pull off a large-scale creative venture.

Student Success Profiles

Worth The Effort
Marine’s long, hard road to a rewarding career winds through Thomas Edison State University.