Median Annual Salary

Why It’s HOT

Here's why this job is just so dang hot.
The BLS projects 15% job growth between 2014-2024. Job security, anyone?

What You’ll Need

Education or Years of experience? Here's what you'll need.
Many organizations prefer at least a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science, as well as experience.

What They Do

These managers oversee the computer activities of a company or organization, identifying what technology it needs to operate efficiently and accomplish its goals. This requires them to keep up with the latest advances in computer technology.

Hot Job Titles

Information Technology (IT) Manager, IT Project Manager, Information Systems Director, Information Systems Manager, IT Director

Who’s Hiring

Bank of America  |  Deloitte  |  IBM  |  Kaiser Permanente  |  The Home Depot   |  Travelers

Companies listed in the above “Who’s Hiring” section are paid advertisers that are recruiting for these positions.

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