William E. Gunter civilian


Military Branch: Army
Years Served: 14
Highest Pay Grade: E5
MOS: 88M
Age: 48

Job Description:

Line Haul Truck Driver. Drive a semi truck mainly at night from terminal to terminal throughout the Midwest and South. Stay at hotels when not at home.

How did you get the job?

Found the job on a job board I believe it was indeed. I applied through the company website. They accepted my military driving experience with a memo from my commander. It did take several weeks to learn they wanted me to come in for a strength test and drug test. They were willing to let me apply several months before I got out of the Army which allowed me to start working only two weeks after arriving in Charlotte, NC.

Why did you choose this job?

I had previously been in the Trucking industry and always wanted to do LTL type freight. I love the fact that we run from our own terminals to our own terminals. We get to sleep in hotels and not in the back of the truck. We always have private rooms with private showers. The miles are good and guaranteed home-time every week.

What is the best part of the job?

Great miles and home every week. They told me first-year line haul drivers average $70,000. After three months I am making close to about that. I have enjoyed the job up to this point.

What was the biggest transition headache?

I didn’t have any major transition headaches. Holland allowing me to apply months in advance helped me to have a job soon after getting out. I was able to work for over a month while still on transition leave. I believe if trucking is what interests a service member–Holland is a great option. They have both local and line haul choices so you can be home daily or be gone a few days at a time and make a little better money.

What skills did you bring with you?

I had been a truck driver before joining the Army but the Army taught me leadership skills and time management skills that have made my work ethic even better.