As VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration, we often write about the VA benefits that Veterans, service members and dependents can take advantage of, and while there are many of those, there are also many financial programs and services and benefits extended to Veterans and their families from our partner agencies outside of VA.

Foremost among these is the Financial Literacy and Education Commission from the Treasury Department. The Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) was established under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 to develop a national financial education web site and a national strategy on financial education.

Presently, there are 19 contributing agencies under the commission, including the Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Securities and Exchange Commission; Departments of Education, Agriculture, Defense, Interior, Labor, Veterans Affairs; Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Federal Trade Commission, Small Business Administration, and Social Security Administration.

So, what can these agencies and FLEC do for you?

Think of FLEC as an outline or table of contents where each “chapter” is a link to a different resource. At, you can learn about the programs designed for young people, for educators, researchers, or for different stages in one’s life. There’s a resource guide on financial institutions; a guide for youth employment; savings programs; college funding resources; and investing.

Among VA’s contribution include info for home buying with the VA home loan. HUD can help you locate a housing counselor. SBA talks about how to start a small business. There’s even info on shopping for an automobile. Have questions about student debt? Need credit counseling? Want to find a new job? Specialized job-hunting assistance if you have a disability?



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