Robert Calton

Felician University School of Arts & Science

Area of Study: Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice
Military Branch: United States Navy 
Years Served: 4 years
Highest Pay Grade: E-4
MOS: Disbursing Clerk
Age: 33

Tell us about yourself:

About myself:  I am a full-time student, full-time father, and a part-time student worker. Felician University has assisted me in a multitude of ways, and continue to do so.  When I am not working on school work, you can find me reading books to my daughter and playing alongside her in her room. I am always shooting for something greater, so I decided to go to college; a benefit I would have never had the opportunity to afford if it weren’t for the military. Currently, I am using my G.I.Bill (CH.33) education benefits. My collegiate life has been one of many trials and tribulations. I go about my day very quietly and try my best to stay even keeled. Sometimes my hard work and dedication does go unnoticed, but as a believer in god, I know he is watching and will be rewarding.  The adjustments I faced when coming back to school, is the younger, more immature group of kids who take college for granted get under my skin sometimes. I believe the military has taught me a lot of self-discipline and for that I am a better student in college.  The advice I have for any military veteran returning to college is to link up with the other military veterans in your school just so you have a common ground and you don’t feel alone in this chapter of your life. The jump from military life to collegiate life can be a shocking change. I went from serving my country, making decent money, to sitting in a classroom making no money.   Without the veterans I met here at the school that keep you grounded with their moral and support, I would probably have stopped coming and started working in my career field.