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Signal 88 Security
Ready to start a franchise? They're looking for veterans just like you.
HQ: Omaha, NE
The vision of Signal 88 is to provide an innovative approach to security services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients based on a fundamental belief that safety is a basic human right and need. Our vision statement is “we’re here to provide peace of mind to pursue passion in life.” What this really means is that we recognize our clients have a purpose, which they can only fulfill if their physical environment is safe and secure. A healthy and safe environment gives neighbors and local organizations the opportunity to prosper. We are a group of people aligned by our beliefs and values that have shaped us collectively.
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Hear first-hand why Signal 88 is an excellent choice for your post-military career. There are so many opportunities, that it can be difficult to even begin. Here, you can learn from someone who has transitioned to see how their military skills helped, why they chose Signal 88 and what challenges they faced in the transition.
What made you decide on this company?
It’s the technology and personal attention that sets Signal 88 apart. I have the security experience, and they have the behind the scenes knowledge to help me run the business.
What advice do you have for transitioning veterans?
You have to commit to the work to make it payoff. It’s like playing poker and going all in. I did that, and it was difficult, but this has been my greatest personal accomplishment.
Over 85% of Signal 88 Security Franchise Owners are veterans who have the skills and expertise to build a successful business. Signal 88 recognizes the importance of maintaining the passion to protect and serve and offers a logical transition into the private security industry. We offer a 10% discount on the franchise fee for veterans.
  • 10% Discount on the franchise fee for veterans
  • 130 franchises in 42 states
  • Over 3,600 satisfied clients
  • 85% veteran ownership
  • $719,000 Average revenue per franchise
Take advantage of Signal 88 Security's commitment to your service.
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