Helping Businesses and Organizations Create a Better World

At Wake Forest, we believe that well-led businesses can and should make the world a better place while creating sustained value for themselves. As a team of teacher-scholars and staff members, we commit ourselves to helping businesses achieve this noble goal in everything we do. Through our teaching, scholarship, administrative and service work, and our commitment to the ideals of Wake Forest University, we develop and support principled business professionals who lead effectively by making decisions of the highest possible quality about their people, products, services, organizations, and contributions to our society.

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Wake Forest University
School of Business

Here, students don’t just enroll, they commit. They gain a strong theoretical and conceptual foundation, and they learn to recognize how disciplines support and interact with each other, to interpret and explain trends, and to understand the characteristics of free markets and competition. Here, being ready means embracing lifelong learning, and possessing the knowledge and acumen to be a thought leader.
Here, students come to school prepared to work, and graduate prepared to make an impact. They learn to identify and pursue opportunities, solve problems, communicate with passion and precision, manage efficiently and effectively, inspire others, and lead by example. Here, being able means gaining market-informed and market-relevant skills, and achieving measurable results.
Here, students learn to do good. They learn the value of being purpose-driven, being courageous when the moment calls for it and resilient in the face of adversity. They learn to be authentic leaders who compete and succeed with integrity, build and thrive in diverse organizations, and inspire teams to achieve collective goals. Here, being honorable means being committed to one’s profession, to society, and to making a difference in both.
#1 Part-time MBA Program in NC (US News & World Report 2024)
Analytics careers are expected to grow by more than 20% through 2028

Why We Value Veterans

Welcoming a student who is a veteran is about alignment with our institutional mission and goals. Wake Forest University strives to be a dynamic and diverse learning community, valuing knowledge, experience, and service for the benefit of humanity, thus preparing students to be active and informed members of the world in which they live.
Veterans bring many qualities such as resilience, leadership, work ethic, and diverse perspectives that contribute to delivering on our mission. They enrich the lives and learning experiences of those they engage with every day our faculty, staff, and their peers.

What We Offer

Military Veterans
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has approved Wake Forest University as an eligible institution at which students may use its Education Benefit Programs. All Wake Forest schools on the Reynolda Campus in Winston-Salem participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.Yellow Ribbon is available to Reynolda Campus students who qualify for the Post 9/11 GI Bill® at the 100% benefit level. Service members on active duty and their spouses using transferred entitlement became eligible for Yellow Ribbon on August 1, 2022. Amounts and student limits differ by school. You do not need to submit a separate application for Yellow Ribbon.
Yellow Ribbon covers tuition and fees above the annual tuition benefit cap for private institutions. The 2023-2024 cap is $27,120.05. The cap resets every year on August 1st.
Military Spouses
The Wake Forest University community offers a range of academic programs, community engagement opportunities, and professional opportunities that often support spouses in their own continued development and professional lives. Academic communities are equipped with a range of resources to support families in their transition through a learning experience.

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At the School of Business, our mission is to shape the whole person. We help businesses create a better world through developing passionate, ethical business leaders who get results with integrity, and thought leadership that is visible and positively impacts the practice of business.