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Alicia Newmaster

Eastern University

Area of Study: B.A. Missiology and Anthropology
Military Branch: Air National Guard
Years Served: 3.5 years served
Highest Pay Grade: E-3/Senior Airman
Age: 21

Tell us about yourself:

I’m from Perry County, PA. I have an older sister named Kyra, a puppy named Gypsy, and a cat named Tickles. I’ve played soccer my whole life and still play on the side. I also ran cross country, participated in two spring musicals, was the president of student council, and actively participated in my youth group back home. I love to travel, hike, and listen to music. I’m big on CrossFit and love to workout. Next year I’m a teaching assistant, an ra, and plan on forming some kind of club for transfer students.


Why did you choose Eastern University?

I chose Eastern University because of the small class size and the major I’m in. No other university incorporates faith into anthropology in the way Eastern does. Plus, when I walked on campus, I just knew this was where God wanted me to be.

What military education benefits, such as the GI Bill, did you use?

The military education benefits I use are the Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 1606 Select Reserve with a kicker and the PA Education Assistance Program (EAP.)

What has your experience been like as a student?

As a student, it was rough at first because I transferred in, but it has improved. I enjoy my time at Eastern and love my classes and professors tremendously. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was the mindset between having a full time job in the military with adults who already experienced a lot of life and the mindset of young adults who are just starting their life and making serious decisions for themselves. This was a challenge because it made me feel separated and distant from my peers sometimes.

Do you feel like your time in the military made you a better student?

Yes, I believe the military had improved my work ethic as a student. I learned the discipline and time management needed to stay focused on my schoolwork. In addition, I learned a lot more real-life practical lessons in relationships and everyday life that I carry over into being a student at Eastern.

What advice could you offer to other veterans choosing to pursue an education?

I can’t really relate because I only took a year and a half off and it was for training, but I would say to stick with it. Getting back into being a student comes back to you and everything comes back fast. In addition, use the experiences you have to draw connections and ask deeper questions in class because they are valuable and unique situations that provide a perspective that others wouldn’t think of.