Post-9/11 Veterans Find Incredible Careers in Business Services, Where Specialized Firms Provide Services to Other Businesses

Adam Locklin can't decide which is the best part of his job: fighting cybercrime at the financial giant PwC* or being part of his company's Veterans Affinity Network, where he's taken part in ceremonies and special events, helped to recruit other veterans and supported nonprofits in their work. Either way, he knows he's able to ...

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20 Jobs That Pay Over $100k With The Least Competition

Original article by Glassdoor Company ratings, benefits, and perks, plus salary are all factors that come to mind for the average job seeker. However, one factor that the savvy seeker should also consider is the popularity or competitiveness of a job title. Hot jobs abound in the tech, healthcare, and business sectors, so it’s important ...

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6 Healthcare Careers for Squeamish People

Healthcare careers can combine the advantages of a great occupational outlook with a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. If you’re like me, the downside is that many of the jobs in healthcare are ... well, they’re kind of gross. Growing up with a nurse as a parent, I am fully aware of ...

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8 Jobs Veterans Can Use Their Security Clearance For

Many positions in the military require a security clearance, but did you know that there are plenty of job opportunities in the civilian world where veterans can use them too? Some career fields may be more obvious than others, such as the space industry, intelligence jobs or cyber security positions, but there are also administrative, ...

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3 Financial Services Jobs You Didn’t Know You Were Qualified For

Many career fields in the military give veterans a great deal of options when looking for a job after serving. One industry that many may not often consider is the financial services industry. Financial services is a fast-growing and popular industry with lots of jobs that veterans may qualify for based on experience gained in ...

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How to Professionally Quit a Job You Hate

Many people get up every day and go to jobs they hate. Whether it’s a supervisor you don’t agree with, a negative environment or just a position you may have outgrown, no one wants to find themselves in this situation. So what do you do? Here are three tips to help you professionally quit a ...

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So You’re Interested in Becoming a Teacher After the Military…

The world of teaching can be a rewarding and meaningful career choice. If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you are considering a career in education but may not be sure if it’s the right fit. Becoming a teacher after the military allows you to serve again, this time on the home front, and bring ...

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3 Surprising Jobs in Manufacturing That Are Great For Vets

For many veterans, manufacturing jobs bring to mind images of the old days of heavy industry—the gritty, dirty work of steel-making or the massive assembly lines of Detroit auto plants. While those kinds of traditional industrial jobs still exist, the face of manufacturing is changing. The industrial workforce is more technology-focused and diverse than ever ...

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6 Careers in Insurance That Don’t require a College Degree

Insurance is a mysterious thing. We rely on it, we expect it to be there when we need it, but most of us don’t really spend much time thinking about it. Heck, my father and grandfather worked in insurance for years, but if they get talking about the ins and outs of the business, even ...

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4 Job Search Apps Veterans Should Be Using Right Now

Are you looking for a job board for veterans? Using apps right on your phone can make job searching easy. But with hundreds of apps available to job seekers, which ones are the most simple and streamlined to use? Here are four that you should download right now, with tips on how to maximize the ...

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