5 Tech Skills You Learned in the Military that Can Boost Your Civilian Career

If you were to believe the recruitment videos, there are only two kinds of jobs you can do in the military: combat arms (including fighting magma monsters with a sword), and the kinds of slick, high-tech work that cause an instantaneous post-training morph into a respected and highly paid IT manager the instant you walk ...

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Welding Schools For Transitioning Military Veterans

Employers desperately need trained welders. That's because they know that their products and structures are only as good as the welds and the welders who produce them — highly skilled men and women with the satisfaction of knowing that their welds literally hold America together. Professional welders work almost everywhere – in the automotive, aerospace ...

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Check Out These Unconventional Paths to an IT Career

From the outside, an IT career can seem a bit backwards. It’s often accepted as a fact that going to college is always the best way to make money. Usually, that’s true. But IT can throw that thinking for a loop. In IT, it’s all about your skills, and your ability to demonstrate them. If ...

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8 Soft Skills That Matter in Your Civilian IT Career

When people think about pursuing a career in information technology (IT), they tend to focus heavily on the technical skill requirements related to the position. But where do soft skills in IT fit into the equation? Soft skills in the IT industry are crucial because while your technical prowess may get you the job, your ...

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Army Veteran Turned Software Engineer

Co-author, Breaking Into Startups I discovered programming while deployed to Iraq in 2015. I was working night shifts at the Joint Operations Center in Baghdad. My job was to the write the daily SITREP, or situation report, that summarized daily events in theater. My biggest problem was my primary source for information was one spreadsheet ...

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See How This Veteran Was Able to Confidently Pursue a Career in Coding

Jameel Matin spent 5 years in the US Armed Forces as an Infantryman in the Marine Corps. The Southern California native and Diamond Bar High School graduate recently shared the story of his personal career exploration and what he’s discovered by way of the journey. Post military service, Jameel Matin gradually got comfortable with the ...

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Learning to Code While Deployed to Iraq

TL; DR: While still in the Army, I went from never having programmed to getting into Hack Reactor. Here is what I learned along the way: Make productivity your default Don’t continue to do things inefficiently Adopt a growth mindset when it sucks My Story: 9 months ago, I completed my first codeacademy course on ...

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The World Drone Academy Relies on Veterans’ Skills and Experience

Drones were once viewed as something right out of a sci-fi movie, but a veteran-led organization dedicated to these sophisticated robotic systems is looking to change that perception. And its founder plans to rely on his fellow veterans' skills and experience to do it. Ryan “Sal” Salcido, a Navy electronic warfare operator (EWO) who founded the World Drone Academy ...

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3 Main Things You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Have you spent hours applying to jobs posted on company websites only to hear nothing back? Have you been using the same resume over and over again when applying to different jobs? Have you noticed that most positions these days require you to upload your resume into a computerized database? Well, that database is actually ...

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Building a Better World

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