Be Your Own Boss: Virtual Franchise Opportunities Fair

Vetrepreneurs do things differently. They win!
By Kayla Lopez

Vetrepreneurs do things differently. They win!

Save your spot and chat directly with a variety of franchise leaders. Join from your desktop or smartphone at any time during the event. Sign up today and get the inside scoop to success!

You leave the service with unparalleled leadership skills and a knack for transforming any project into a success. So why not take those qualities and unleash them in the business world? 



By starting your own veteran-owned business or franchise, you can take charge of your future and leverage military skills into a profitable business. Our partners know veterans are a perfect fit for leading their own business. You’re armed with discipline, values and integrity which are all building blocks for great success. Why not invest in an opportunity of this caliber?


  • Get access to capital 
  • Ask questions 
  • Learn about resources 
  • Understand the model 
  • Fast track your journey 
  • Talk directly to the experts


How It Works

STEP 1: Register 

Create an account and complete the registration form to gain access to this exclusive event.

STEP 2: Explore 

View information about participating franchises, access resources and  explore opportunities

STEP 3: Attend 

Log in and join the chat from any device, engage directly with the experts.

STEP 4: Chat 

 Connect with representatives for 1-on-1 chats.




Date: May 27th 2020 

Time 1pm-3pm EST 

Registration link: GIJobs.com/beyourownboss




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