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  • Veteran Influncer of the month

Veteran Influencer of Month, Natalie Oliverio- Making A Difference!

Today G.I. Jobs launches a new honor that recognizes veterans who are having a ...

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How To Position Yourself To Land Your Dream Job

1SG(R) Justin C. Pearson & USAF veteran Jay Jackson talk about: How To Position Yourself To Land Your Dream Job! We are your number #1 transition resource bringing you the latest and greatest! Find Employers that want to HIRE you NOW!

Preparing For Your VA Physical

MCPON(R) Mike Stevens and our Veteran Advocates: Preparing For Your VA Physical! We are your number #1 transition resource bringing you the latest and greatest! Find Employers that want to HIRE you NOW!

Get Out and Take Off

Find yourself and your transition goals to start your next career. By Mike Asper, USMC (2005-2011)

  • thrift savings plan

Understanding Civilian Retirement Plans: Thrift Savings Plan

Hopefully while you were in uniform you were able to put some funds into the ...

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  • US Foods

Employers Recruit Veterans to Deliver the Food We Eat

SPONSORED* America loves to take out and eat out, and the inside track on the ...

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  • Networking with Linkedin

The Extensive Guide to Networking With LinkedIn

NETWORKING WITH LINKEDIN Finding a job after leaving the military is almost never an easy ...

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  • Networking with Linkedin

Understanding Civilian Retirement Plans: Part 2

I don’t know about you, but when I entered the military (slightly after the earth ...

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  • Financial Literacy Tools

Great Financial Literacy Tools Available to Veterans

As VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration, we often write about the VA benefits that Veterans, service members ...

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  • Buying New Clothing

Dress For Success: Buying New Clothing as a Civilian

Buying new clothing for your civilian life is a sometimes overlooked cost - but it's ...

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  • Military Mindset

Separating From The Military Mindset After Retirement

No matter how well a servicemember prepares, the act of transitioning from the military mindset ...

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  • Transitioning Servicemembers

Fort Drum TAP Leader’s Advice For Transitioning Service Members

There are nearly 300 transitioning service members who separate from the military every month at ...

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  • Retirement Plans

Understanding Civilian Retirement Plans: Part 1

An active duty servicemember doesn’t need to think much about retirement plans.  There is one, ...

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Veterans Coming Home: Challenges of Reintegration

*SPONSORED*   Returning servicemembers have to adjust to an entirely new mindset. The structure and ...

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Creating A Circle of Colleagues

Military active duty is a calling like no other.  The men and women that you ...

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  • Network

Building Your Network: Making The Right Connections

Like any other military operation, building your network is never complete.  Rather, it is full ...

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  • Veteran Job Fairs

Do’s and Don’ts At Veteran Job Fairs: A Corporate Recruiter’s View

Job fairs, networking events and mixers are ideal opportunities for job seekers to meet live ...

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  • Networking

Utilize The Right Networking Tools In Your Job Search

Transitioning members of the military hear it constantly in job search workshops – “Network!” Professional ...

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  • Military Experience

Sometimes Your Military Rank Won’t Translate To Civilian Careers

You’ve transitioned to civilian life, but every job you find expects you to start at ...

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  • Veteran Employment

Your 8-Digit Grid Coordinate To Veteran Employment

To My Fellow Veterans (Open Letter #2), I'll never forget the conversation I had several ...

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  • Personal Brand

Launch A Post-Military Personal Brand With Social Networking

In this day and age, social media is nearly everywhere:  from duck face selfies to ...

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  • Military Transition

Looking On The Bright Side of Military Transition

Leaving the military is a very strange experience. Finding a job, insurance, and a place ...

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  • Veterans

An Open Letter to Veterans: Why You Aren’t Being Hired

Open Letter #1...To My Fellow Veterans, One of the most courageous things you will ever ...

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  • Veterans Preference

Understanding Veterans’ Preference and Employment Eligibility, Part 1

If you are a transitioning military member, it is important to understand your veterans’ preference ...

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  • Resume Writing

The Meat and Potatoes of Resume Writing

(Potatoes First – keep reading, there is some USDA Prime Tenderloin Filet in about 45 ...

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  • Questions to ask in a job interview

Six Questions To Ask At A Job Interview

Recently I’ve been applying for new jobs internally and I was talking with one of ...

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Great Jobs For Veterans: Why We Succeed As Project Managers

SPONSORED As a veteran mentor, I hear a lot of questions about what skills ...

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  • how to use linkedin

How To Use LinkedIn: Here’s Your Tips and Tricks

SPONSORED   In the early 90s, you could apply for a job by visiting companies ...

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Military Retirement Timeline: 5 steps towards getting a job

One of the biggest questions about getting a job after retiring from the military is, ...

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3 Ways to Apply Intentionality in Your Military Transition

You may be asking yourself “What is Intentionality and How Can It Help Me Leave ...

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  • Veteran Owned Businesses

8 Best Industries for Veteran-Owned Businesses

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen an influx of military veterans transitioning their skills ...

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  • Bad Habits

6 Bad Habits You Developed In The Military, and How To Break Them

Veterans come out of the military with years of training in one particular mindset and ...

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  • positive thinking military transition

How Positive Thinking Can Help Your Military Transition

If you have not heard, let me be the first to tell you:  leaving the ...

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  • how to apply for VA disability

Applying for VA Disability and Compensation

With a whole world of opportunity on the horizon, transitioning out of the service can ...

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  • guide to networking for introverts

Networking for Introverts: Does a Guide Even Exist?

Networking. For introverts that word ranks up there with other feel-good words and ideas ...

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  • military to civilian transition

3 Misconceptions About Military Transition

Whether you are within days of leaving the military or you still have many years ...

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  • Career options for veterans

3 “In the Meantime” Job Options for Student Veterans

Your Story is Just Beginning… The first job you get after leaving the military is ...

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