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Not sure about what comes next? We can help.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Not knowing what to do when you  transition out of the military  is extremely common. Some veterans start with a transitioning out of the military checklist.

Whether you have the GI Bill in your back pocket or a new career already lined up, that sense of doubt and uncertainty is hard to shake. The resources below will help firm up your military to civilian transition plans, whether you have some idea of the direction  you’re headed or you haven’t a clue.

Transition Readiness Quiz

By answering 10-30 questions, our Transition Readiness Quiz can measure your readiness when it comes to your education path, career track or if you need help figuring out exactly which direction you should head.
It’s extremely common for servicemembers getting out of the military to not be certain about what lies ahead. Through this revolutionary quiz we’re able to determine not only which direction you should head (school vs. employment) but also how prepared you are to make that transition.
The TRQ can be taken at anytime. If you haven’t yet attended TAP class, your quiz results will let you know what you should pay attention to most in your training. If you have already attended, the quiz will determine how much of that information you retained and how much more research you need to do to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for transition.
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We started with the skill and knowledge requirements of top jobs sought by our Military Friendly® Employers. Through thorough statistical analysis, this produced eight different job groupings. By answering a group of questions about your likes and dislikes, our Civilian Career FITness Quiz will align you with the career grouping that you’re best suited for.
Once you’ve decided to head down the path towards a new career, you’re met with another dilema. Do you choose a career similar to the MOS you’ve been doing for the past decade? Or is now the ideal time to try something new? Our CCFIT quiz will use your likes and dislikes to statistically align you with the industry you’ll thrive best in.
The CCFIT Quiz was created specifically for those who choose the civilian career path upon their transition from the military. Taking this quiz at anytime during that process will help focus your search when it comes to job applications.
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