How to Master the Post-Interview Follow-Up

Your job interview is the culmination of a lot of work. You've prepared and polished your resume, gone through TAP or ACAP, read your back issues of G.I. Jobs, passed the online screening questions and finished the in-person interview. There’s a natural tendency to feel as if you've finished. But you haven’t. And those who ...

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What to Do After A Job Interview

A firm handshake should not be the last memory you leave with an interviewer after a job interview. Make sure you keep communicating with a potential employer even after you leave the room. “No matter how well you think you did during the interview, what you do after the interview will also have an impact ...

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Interview Follow Up Do’s and Don’ts

Post interview can often be more stressful than the actual interview. GI Jobs has a few tips on eliminating your worries and how to follow up after an interview. Do: Ask About the Time Frame for the Next Step This can prevent a lot of future stress if you know when to expect a decision. ...

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