13 Great Schools That Support Military Veterans

13 Great Schools That Support Military Veterans


As a military veteran looking to go back to school, it is important to know which colleges and universities are doing their part to support veterans like yourself. The value that veterans bring to campuses, both inside and outside of the classroom, is reflected in the commitment many schools have made to recruit, support and empower them.

As a veteran, you must make sure that you will receive the assistance necessary to make the most of your education at the school you choose. To help you in your selection process, here are 13 schools that have a reputation of supporting military veterans.

University of South Dakota*

The University of South Dakota, founded in 1862, is the state’s flagship institution, and is designated as the only public liberal arts university in South Dakota. USD is also home to South Dakota’s only Law and Medical schools. USD has tailored some of their admissions, financial aid, and business office procedures to be sure that their staff is aware of the concerns of veteran students. With a full-time VA School Certifying Official in the Registrar’s office to handle your benefits, and a Student Veterans Resource Center, you should find all that you need to begin a successful college experience.

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