SBA Communications Corporation – Veteran Success – Eric N. Cruz 2017-10-25T14:42:43+00:00

Veteran Success Story

Gunnery Sergeant (E-7), Marine Corps (1993-2013)

  • What do you do?

    I manage a fleet of over 270 vehicles and the capital expenditure budget of the Services Construction Group.

  • How did you get this job?

    I got this job through a military talent acquisition company while on active duty. I was hired right after I retired from the Marines.

  • What did you do in the Marine Corps?

    I was a motor transport operations chief responsible for supervising crew/operator level maintenance, planning and execution of motor transport operations, directing the activities of all enlisted personnel in a motor pool, conducting motor vehicle accident/mishap investigations and preparing accident/mishap reports.

  • What did you do to prepare for your transition?

    I attended many military retirement seminars.

What worked best in your job search?

The Internet was a great tool, as well as feedback from other military retirees.

Biggest transition headache?

The uncertainty of not knowing if transitioning was going to work out. Another big consideration was trying to find a place where my family and I were going to be stable and not have to move for a long time.

If you could redo your transition, what would you do differently?

I would try to connect with more Marine retirees to seek advice and expand my network.

How well did your military training and experience transfer to your civilian job?

It transferred very well. The military work ethic and discipline are very essential and a must-have in the wireless industry, especially in the construction area that requires teamwork and discipline.

What similarities or parallels do you see between your civilian job and your military job?

The speed. Both are very fast-paced and dynamic, which I really like a lot.

How difficult was it to transition to the civilian sector after 20 years in the military culture?

It has been challenging because in the military there is a brotherhood like no other.

Best advice for transitioning service members?

Bring your game face to corporate America and do what you are told, but do it well. The expectations are high, and it is up to every individual to meet them.