PuroClean – Veteran Success – Steve White 2017-11-10T20:15:19+00:00

Veteran Success Story

Captain, Army 6 Years

  • What made you want to become part of this new team?
    Attracted to the aspect of doing important work to serve my community. I believe in franchising. I believe franchises are the best organized, most well run businesses in America.

  • What skills did you bring with you?
    Building good teams, focus on the mission, organizing the good team to accomplish the important mission.

Biggest transition headache?

I don’t remember having a transition headache. Everything civilian seemed much easier than everything military.

How well did your military training and experience transfer to your civilian job?

It transferred very well. The military work ethic and discipline are very essential and a must-have in the wireless industry, especially in the construction area that requires teamwork and discipline.

What is the best part of this new opportunity?

Similar to military operations, our business is well organized. Success comes from building good teams and following correct procedures. Unlike the military, we make a profit and do it without all of the bureaucracy.

Military Occupational Skill/ Career Field

Mechanized Infantry and Logistics Management