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Micron is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions. The company’s image sensors, DRAM, and NAND flash memory devices are widely used to capture, move and store data for MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones and notebook computers throughout the world. Micron’s products are designed to meet the diverse needs of computing, server, automotive, networking, security, commercial/industrial, consumer electronics, medical and mobile applications. The company is looking for military talent for equipment maintenance technicians, production operators and more. G.I. Jobs asked Brett Nolte, a Micron technical recruiter, what it takes to GET HIRED™ at this global technology innovator.

GIJ: How many military veterans work in your company and what percentage of the total workforce does this comprise?

MT: Micron employs approximately 3,500 veterans which equates to 16 percent of our workforce.

GIJ: What issues/surprises do you find that military transitioners need to be aware of when entering the civilian workforce?Innovation-Attracts-Attention219x292

MT: While military members are highly adaptable, they may be surprised at how expeditiously decisions are made and implemented in the corporate environment. Additionally, military personnel are accustomed to regularly changing assignments while strong corporate leadership tends to maintain long-term continuity. Also, the scope of responsibility of the military applicant will most likely be smaller and more focused in a civilian corporate environment.

GIJ: What advantages do military personnel have over their peers of the same age and education level?

MT: Military personnel have an inherent ability to focus on the mission or goal. They understand that multi-tasking, strategic planning, and tactical execution is paramount to being successful. Employees that possess this ability bring a distinct advantage to any corporation.

GIJ: What disadvantages do you find?

MT: The challenge for military personnel in comparison with their civilian peers is a perceived rigidity due to their highly structured military environment. There is a true team attitude at Micron, where every employee is valued for their contribution to the company and its mission, and each is treated with equal importance. Military personnel also have a specific directive for leadership interaction and procedures that can sometimes translate to a hiring manager as an inability to work without them. Applicants are strongly encouraged to show examples of how they operate when procedures are not available and overcome this paradigm.

GIJ: What are the most common mistakes you see on military résumés?

MT: In one word, “translate” your skills to the civilian equivalents. Military members seem to focus primarily on their leadership and management skills and place a secondary focus on “hard” skills. Most company recruiters are prospecting for those hard skills to fill their positions. Management is usually developed from within the company so the leadership skills you have will give you an advantage on that growth. Refocus your résumé on the skills required for the position and your accomplishments. We want to know you can do the job and do the job well.

GIJ: What are the most common mistakes veterans make in interviews?

MT: Relax, relax, relax! Do your homework on the company and the position. Sitting at attention and giving short answers will not impress your interviewer. Be prepared to showcase your talents. Being unprepared and lacking confidence will have a negative impact on your overall interview, even if you excel in other areas. You are coming to us with both the education and the job experience; we couldn’t ask for more!

GIJ: What types of positions does your company recruit military for?

MT: Military personnel are encouraged to apply for any of our openings for which they feel they qualify. Military members have been hired and assigned to almost all areas of our corporation with the majority of them being equipment maintenance technicians. We have also found that our production operator positions have been very attractive to veterans that are looking for an entry point to the high tech industry or just supplemental income for their retirement. I would urge them to check out our website at www.micron.com/jobs/gijobs to view all our openings.

GIJ: Describe the responsibilities of a typical position at Micron.

MT: As an equipment maintenance technician you will work in one of the fabrication areas on all equipment and subassemblies. You will maintain and support area equipment (preventative and corrective maintenance). Your primary duties include monitoring tool performance, scheduling and performing preventative maintenance on assigned tool sets, as well as troubleshooting and repair of down equipment through the use of mechanical and electronic skills. These key individuals also work to increase tool “uptime” through systematic problem solving and troubleshooting, quality workmanship, and routine review of maintenance check sheets and procedures.

GIJ: Can a new hire stay in this position for an entire career or do you require new hires to “move up or move out” like the military does?

MT: An individual could stay in the same position, but through experience and education they have tremendous growth potential.

GIJ: What is the average starting pay for an equipment maintenance technician?

MT: The base pay range for equipment maintenance technicians is $17-$25 per hour. Market-based pay is reviewed annually, considering both location and job level. Twice a year team members are eligible to receive performance-based rewards through an Incentive Pay plan.

GIJ: What benefits does Micron offer?

MT: Insurance coverage includes medical, dental, vision, life, accidental death and dismemberment, short- and long-term disability and business travel accident. The 401(k) plan allows team members to invest money in a variety of mutual funds, and provides a company match up to 4 percent of eligible earnings or $2,000, whichever is greater. Stock options are offered to team members at management discretion. The employee stock purchase plan allows team members to purchase Micron Technology, Inc. (NYSE: MU) stock at a discounted price. Paid time off is provided at a beginning rate of 11.5 hours per month and increases annually up to 15 hours per month. The education assistance program provides tuition support for job and/or industry related courses and degree programs. Depending on location, an on-site health clinic is available to team members for personal and workplace healthcare and an on-site, premier fitness center is available for team member use. Additional information can be found at www.micron.com/jobs/gijobs.

GIJ: Do employees need to pay for any of their benefits?

MT: Micron pays for team member core coverage, including basic medical, dental, and vision. Additional plans are available for a premium you pay. You are responsible for the cost of coverage for your dependents on any plan.

GIJ: Are there any other special incentive benefits that might interest military new hires?

MT: Micron does offer several different relocation packages based on the positions as well as tuition assistance for industry related courses. Micron also offers over 200 classes on site to give team members the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

GIJ: Describe a typical career progression for a maintenance technician at Micron?

MT: It can vary based on the desires of the individual. Each employee is encouraged to utilize the available resources to achieve individual and career goals.

GIJ: Do you look for any specific educational requirements?

MT: For our technicians, we look for a mix of experience and education.

GIJ: What type of educational experience do you look for in military candidates?

MT: We look at all technical training you have completed and any degrees you have earned. We value the military technical training you have received and work to equate it to verifiable college level credits.

GIJ: What do prior military hires bring to your company that you like?

MT: Prior military members possess strong values, integrity, commitment and adaptability. These traits allow them to adapt quickly and provide an immediate beneficial impact on the objectives of the company. They also possess leadership/mentoring skills and a keen focus for continuous improvement; these attributes are acquired only from years of experience.

GIJ: Is relocating essential to promote within your company?

MT: Relocating is not necessarily essential to be promoted within Micron. That would depend on the position and one’s career ambitions.

Nolte’s Advice

First impressions matter! Stand apart from other applicants by being knowledgeable about the company’s goals and mission. Show your motivation and enthusiasm during the interview in addition to your educational and performance skills. Show interest by maintaining eye contact and listening when the interviewer speaks. Be confident in your abilities.

Converse with your interviewer. Regardless of your educational level and experience in your area of expertise, interpersonal skills are essential to success in a team environment. Your interviewer will be evaluating key factors such as your ability to be a team player, be flexible, and communicate well with others.

Be organized. Pay attention to detail when writing your résumé such as avoiding grammatical errors and focusing on the position you are applying for. Anticipate and have necessary written materials you may be asked for during the interview (e.g. school transcripts, references). Be prepared with specific answers for questions relating to problem solving, interpersonal conflict, or other commonly encountered workplace issues. Have questions ready that you would like to ask the interviewer about the company.