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Get ready for Military Friendly 2.0

For more than a decade military in transition have relied on Military Friendly ratings to provide a real view of the emphasis employers and schools place on their military students and employees. From the beginning, veterans and military spouses readers like you have helped us shape our criteria, which in turn has shaped the information companies and colleges track, the resources they have in place, and even the staff they dedicate toward assuring your success on the job and on their campus.  If you’ve looked forward to our list release every year, then get ready for what you’ll see this fall in 2017 when technological and data enhancements will allow every veteran and , every military spouse to join us in defining Military Friendly for the next decade.

The post-9/11 veterans on this month’s cover are two of the many veterans and professionals who have voiced their thoughts about what the Military Friendly designation means to them, (how being Military Friendly has helped them make critical decisions) and how we can continue to advance this program in the future. In fact, their feedback and your feedback is going to help determine the Military Friendly® Employers and Military Friendly® Schools for 2017 as we combine data from three key sources: public, proprietaryivate, and personal.  Publicly available data allows us to set benchmarks for all institutions, providing you with a simple guidepost for measuring performance.  Proprietary data gives you deeper insight into which organizations provide the resources, experience and opportunities that mean the most to you. Personal data from your peers gives you the inside scoop from veterans and spouses just like you.

Victory Media, which publishes G.I. Jobs, first coined and then trademarked the term Military Friendly when it published the Military Friendly Employers list in 2003. Since then the methodology, which determines how employers and schools are rated and ranked, has evolved along with the advancement of technology and the availability of big data from public data sources. While we’ve always relied upon the input of veterans to shape the questions we ask and how our data is scored, this year we’re inviting all veterans to personally take part by rating their schools and employers. Your feedback, combined with public and proprietary data, will determine which organizations earn a prestigious new set of Military Friendly® honors and awards. This will arm you with valuable information as you begin to research your post-military options with the information that matters most to you, those who have watched your backs throughout your military service.