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 Marc Mehling                     


Military Service:  Sergeant (E-5), Ohio Army National Guard
Years Served: 2009-Present
MOS: Heavy Machine Operator (12N)
Age: 28

Job Description:

Onboarding and enrolling clients who are part of our corporate call teams.

How long before separation did you begin your job search?

About four or five months. I’d been working in my family’s business but I didn’t want to work with family anymore, so I was looking. I had enough in my savings to tide me over during my search, so the timing worked perfectly.

What didn’t work in your search?

Before I separated there was someone who came in to speak to the unit about transitioning, but the person wasn’t very helpful. She said my resume was fine, but when I had others look at it, they said it wasn’t very effective. I posted it on job sites and that didn’t really help me. I attended a career fair for for KeyBank and spoke to a recruiter who knew I was a veteran and determined I was a perfect fit for this job. Actually, speaking to a person really helped.

What surprised you about the civilian workforce?

The transition wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Everybody talks about corporate America and how brutal it is. When I came aboard it was just like being in the Army. I had to follow the chain of command-it wasn’t a big transition for me because it was what I was used to. I noticed more similarities than differences.